Hansken Community Day - October 12th

Don't miss it! Tuesday October 12th it’s time for the 4th edition of the Hansken Community Day

The 4th edition of the Hansken Community Day on Tuesday October 12th was an event with again good insights. Interesting experiences and new developments concerning the Hansken Platform were presented. 

FIOD case and MITRE's vision on digital forensics

To illustrate the use of Hansken in the field, the FIOD shared a specific case, which illustrated the exact use and utility of Hansken. Very interesting and relevant to learn how other organizations use the tool.

Also, one of the new Hansken Community parties, MITRE from the USA,  shared with us their ideas on digital forensic investigation and their considerations to start working with Hansken.

In addition to these real life Hansken stories, there were several presentations on new developments within the Hansken platform.


Morning session 9.30 - 12.30 CEST

  • Presentation 'Towards the use of AI in digital investigation - the need for digital forensics as a service as an enabler for intelligent assistance and collaboration in digital investigations' - by Harm van Beek, Senior Digital Forensic Scientist, NFI
  • The FIOD (Financial Advanced Cyber Team & Anti Money Launder Centre) will share experiences in a data driven approach to generate new leads for investigation.
  • Several Hansken updates,regarding the UI, the approach and status of the communication, and the Hansken priorities and developments in the upcoming 3 months.

Afternoon session 14.00 - 15.30 CEST

  • Technical demo: 'Enhancing natural language processing in Hansken with deep learning'- by Hannah Tops, NFI.
  • Presentation MITRE, (new Hansken Partner!), by Cory Hall, project leader 
    • MITRE is a non-profit research and development partner of the United States government. They will introduce the organization to the Hansken Community and present their experience in the field of digital evidence. It will be an insight in how they assist in transitioning Hansken to the United States and to help to provide contributions back to the Hansken Community.

More information

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