Hansken's vision

Our goal is to maximize the sharing of digital forensic knowledge and the bundling of innovation. To make this possible, we make Hansken widely available to law enforcement agencies and science institutes, national and international.

Parties can contribute to the further development of the platform by joining the Hansken community. Starting point for the community is that members share knowledge. The source of the supporting platform software is made available and members closely cooperate on the development of the platform and the forensic tools and libraries.

Members set up their own infrastructure and are fully responsible for their implementation of Hansken. Members are allowed to extend their implementation with additional functionality.

Membership for law enforcement agencies

Law enforcement agencies primarily use the platform for case investigations and where possible for innovation (R&D). 

They actively share (newly gained) forensic knowledge and developed functionality with all members of the community. After testing and acceptance, the NFI adds new functionality to the platform, making it widely available to all users of Hansken.

Membership for research organizations

Research organizations get user rights to the platform in order to use it for scientific research. They provide the NFI with license free right of use of R&D results based on Hansken. The NFI takes care of judging and possible embedding these R&D results in the platform.

Role of the Netherlands Forensic Institute

Hansken is owned and maintained by the Dutch government and is servicing the Dutch criminal justice system and a few international partners.

The platform is initiated by the Netherlands Forensic Institute and so the NFI acts as product owner of Hansken, with focus on the NFI’s primary tasks. Third parties are involved for activities out of the NFI’s scope.

Commissioned by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service, the NFI guards that legal and forensic principles are applied to newly developed functionality. 

Way of working

For maintenance and operational costs, end-user licenses for the forensic tools and libraries developed by the Hansken-team, are provided to law enforcement agencies. Licensees are responsible for their own implementation and operational management of these tools and libraries.

Download Vision Statement

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