Hansken Academy

Overview Hansken Courses (Curriculum, NL)

To fulfill the needs and preferences of the numerous Hansken users interested in advancing their Hansken skills and experience, we provide a number of training possibilities inside the Hansken training program. This document provides you with an overview of the learning paths available for the various Hansken roles in addition to a complete description of each individual Hansken course.

To start with, in the first part of this document you will find an overview of the different learning paths available for the various Hansken roles.

The second part of this document contains detailed descriptions of each Hansken course. Whether you are new to working with Hansken or want to improve your skills within a specific role, we offer a wide range of training courses to suit your needs. Each course is carefully developed and delivered by experienced colleagues who have in-depth knowledge of Hansken and the relevant application areas. From basic training to advanced courses, we have everything you need to develop your skills and grow working with Hansken.