The vision of the Hansken Academy

At Hansken, we believe in providing hands-on instructions that may be applied right away in digital forensic investigations. Our interactive and challenging courses will give users the knowledge and abilities that they need to succeed in their career.

Within the Hansken Academy, there are several values that we hold in high regard are put into practice:

  • Every Hansken course is created and taught by colleagues for colleagues. And those colleagues come from all Dutch and international Hansken partners. Our close bonds with our partners make us unique. Because they are professionals in the forensics field, our instructors are up to date on all relevant information. They understand the prevailing challenges and provide practical solutions and insights that all Hansken users can apply right away.
  • We value an engaging learning environment. Our interactive lessons encourage participation from the students. The Hansken training environment and real-life scenarios are used to develop Hansken skills and deepen the understanding.
  • We also firmly support a hands-on approach. We urge the trainee to apply his or her knowledge in actual activities and projects. What you have learned is directly applicable to your ongoing case investigation.

In summary, the Hansken Academy offers courses that are practice-oriented, interesting and hands-on, and they are created by and for colleagues. We are here to help you advance and succeed in your profession. By applying all the principles above, the trainee is not only taught how to work with Hansken, but also how to approach challenges is the digital forensic field in total.

So, join us in discovering the benefits of experiential learning!