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The Hansken Community is continuously developing and willing to share knowledge and ideas. Therefore, multiple events will be available to visit or participate in. Hansken Community's own events or partner's events. See below the calendar.

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  1. 03 April 1st Hansken Quarterly (Hansken Community only!)

    We are happy to meet all Hansken Community members on the first Hansken Quarterly of 2023, on Monday April 3rd

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    • Date
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    • Location Museon/Omniversum (OnePlanet), The Hague

    Community days | Hansken Community

  2. 06 June ENFSI (Forensic IT Working Group) Lausanne

    Forensic IT working group event in Lausanne from 6-9 June 2023 on Digital Forensic Science with new research, casework, quality ...

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    • Location University of Lausanne

    Seminar | Hansken Community