Forensic software for authorities: Dataport enters into a contract with Hansken

Good news: we have a new Hansken Community member! Dataport wants to introduce the Hansken data analysis program in Germany, to support the authorities in the important task of analyzing and evaluating increasing amounts of digital evidence. Dataport will be conducting a trial with Hansken offering law enforcement agencies a six-month trial period. In addition to hardware and software, this includes German-language support. If Hansken is used for an extended period of time, it can be operated in Dataport's data center.

Christophe Brandt, IT Forensics & Business Unit Developer IT Forensics at Dataport, gives some background information on Dataport’s considerations in working with Hansken:

How Dataport got interested:

“As a central public IT Service provider, we are always looking for the best solution to provide to our public customers. Everywhere you look, the quantity of digital evidence is increasing rapidly, creating a demand for a centralized IT forensic environment capable of handling big cases, and future proofed, so it can grow alongside the digital evidence.”

Dataport is excited about Hansken because…

“Using Hansken is a massive step forward, as it is developed by a trustworthy public organization and brings more reliability and more digital sovereignty to its users than any of the many private tools. Even though it's a public service, too, the Hansken team includes numerous experienced experts with a proactive mindset. The resulting tool is as innovative and capable as any one might expect from private competitors, with the advantage of being ‘from law enforcement for law enforcement’.”

They see added value in this collaboration because...

“In addition, Hansken is probably one of the few solutions with the potential to become a nationwide and, eventually, European standard in law enforcement, giving various international LE Agencies the opportunity to work together efficiently.”