Hansken Community Day - May 17

The Hansken Community Days have now become a good tradition within the Hansken Community. On Tuesday May 17, we had a successful edition, to which we were privileged enough to welcome Martijn Egberts from the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service as a keynote speaker. He gave an interesting presentation on the added value of the Hansken platform from the point of view of justice.

By using Hansken, for example, lawyers have more rapid access to the digital evidence used and are better able to assess whether it is reliable. We were able to host just under a hundred participants on this online day, including many international community members.

Push, Pull, Protect - Hansken Community

HUIB – the Hansken User Interface

In addition to Martijn's interesting talk, all those present were treated to a detailed explanation of HUIB, the Hansken user interface that offers added value for the platform's accessibility. In addition to a brief explanation of HUIB’s origins, there was also a virtual tour, so everyone was able to see HUIB's specific assets in action.

Artificial Intelligence in Hansken – an increasingly interesting story

Edwin Rijgersberg and Simone Ariëns from the NFI's Forensic Big Data Analytics team gave an interesting talk on the future of AI in Hansken. There is a lot going on, in the realm of image recognition (FIRE) and natural language processing with deep learning, for example, but there are so many more opportunities AI can bring. For instance in the different use between photography and video, when looking for a specific action instead of an image. This also entails the major precondition of, at all times, considering risks such as biased models.

They also announced the start of a new informal initiative within Hansken: Hansken.AI. The goal of the initiative is to build a community of Hansken partners that together develop innovative AI features for Hansken, in order to solve real forensic problems in a responsible way. The colorful presentation, full of examples, was a good teaser for Hansken.AI's first workshop on the topic planned for June 30, when there will be pragmatic brainstorming on the subject. An official invite for the workshop will follow.

What are the Hansken Community Days?
A quarterly chance to exchange knowledge with members of the Community. New developments in the field, viewpoints of other partner organizations that bring added value for all participants and an update on developments within the Hansken platform.