Keep evolving with Artificial Intelligence in Hansken

‘Hansken.AI. For anyone who wants to shape the future of AI in Hansken.' Using this slogan, we invited our law enforcement and academia partners to participate in the first Hansken.AI workshop. The first edition was initiated on 30 June by the Forensics Big Data Analysis department of the Netherlands Forensic Institute. It turned out to be a successful initiative, brimming with enthusiasm and great ideas.

Logo Hansken.AI

The next steps with AI

During the Hansken Community Day on 17 May, Hansken.AI, a new initiative within the community for building innovative AI functions together was announced. With the advent of vector search and extraction plugins in Hansken, we are entering a world of new AI possibilities, highlighting the relevance of making targeted choices for further development. What better way to achieve this than brainstorming with, among others, the top data scientists from the law enforcement field? 

Multiple angles

We entered the brainstorm session with a group of more than 35 people. Not only data scientists, but also people with a technical perspective, people who were not (yet) very familiar with Hansken and who could think out of the box and, in particular, Hansken users, who came up with new ideas based on practice. In addition to the Netherlands Forensic Institute, other attendees included the Dutch police, the FIOD (Fiscal Information and Investigation Service) and the Leiden University of Applied Sciences. After a round of introductions, we quickly focused on everyone's views on which AI possibilities we should explore and develop. From an inspiring and informed flow, more than 100 innovative ideas swiftly emerged that we can realize with AI in Hansken.

Getting started with a top 5

As we needed to decide which of these ideas were worth developing, immediately after the session there was a vote to choose the top five. The attendees committed to these five and we now have a diverse team for each idea exploring what steps to take next.

The power of the community

A great new movement that eminently demonstrates the added value of the good contact between the Hansken partners. And a very valuable exercise for us to remain ahead of Digital Forensics.