Hansken expands international profile

Hansken is working hard to grow its network in a meaningful way. The Hansken Community is expanding on both the law enforcement and scientific fronts, increasing its development power. The Netherlands Public Prosecution Service recognizes Hansken's value in the criminal justice system, which is why the relationship has been extended. And the Hansken Community is also growing internationally. 

World map Hansken with logo

New countries flying the Hansken flag 

  • For example, the Guardia Civil has joined Hansken in the third quarter of 2022. The software was effectively deployed, and the Spanish police responded quickly. 
  • And we began a new relationship on the other side of the globe: in December, a Hansken team from the NFI virtual installed Hansken at the Australian Federal Police. Several technical teams inside the AFP are now working on the Hansken implementation. They see great potential to improve their investigations with Hansken and broaden the platform in their organization. 
  • In Switzerland, we also have an interesting new partner: the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS). At present, we are working together on a pilot, so they can start working their first cases with Hansken on the short term.

Advances in the academic field

We not only collaborate with law enforcement agencies (LEAs), but we also invest in our Hansken Academic Network. For example, we've been working together with the University of Applied Sciences Leiden and the NTNU in Norway for quite some time. In Switzerland, the installation at the University of Lausanne will be completed soon, which will further strengthen the Hansken cooperation between the parties in Switzerland. And we see our educational partner MITRE making significant strides in America. They are Hansken's most important American partner at the present. Every of these scientific partners review Hansken's status with us and provide advice on new opportunities and innovation.

Why is the expansion of the Hansken Community so critical to us? 

Hansken places a high value on the platform's continued development and innovation. The amount of digital traces in cases is increasing, but the type of the traces is also changing. To keep solving case investigations, we must regularly upgrade the research methodologies in the platform. All participants in the Hansken Community share available information about what they encounter, and we collaborate on all innovations, such as extraction plugins that support new data formats and new scripts that can perform complex analyses. This is how we join our forces. The higher the number of partners, the greater the capacity for knowledge sharing and advancement.