Hansken running for European Award on Digital Transformation

We are very proud to announce that Hansken has been unveiled as one of the final projects for the European Public Sector Award! Following the eligibility check, EPSA evaluators assessed 151 projects against the six evaluation criteria. Each project was scored by two evaluators independently. And Hansken came up as one of the three top projects in the category Digital Transformation! We are not at the end yet, but this is already a big milestone to celebrate.

EPSA 2023-2024 Winners Reveiled!

Relevance of Hansken

With the Hansken application for the EPSA, we wanted to share how we are working on a game changing and international platform in digital forensics. The world of crime is taking a flight that has been going on for quite some years now. And to fight this crime, we need to keep ahead and join forces as law enforcement. This is crucial, seeing all new developments happening as we speak. Every day we see new apps that are published worldwide, new formats of data that are being used, all new forms of AI, new kinds of devices and ways of tracking locations: it is necessary to have the right instruments and share our experiences. Hansken does that. Originating in the NL in 2012, now Hansken is an international platform that is used and developed by 16 countries! Also something to be very proud of.

Hansken = European cooperation

For the EPSA Award application, we wanted to share this relevance and dynamic journey, and also how we are doing that: as a collaboration in our international Hansken Community. The platform exceeds boundaries, as does crime, and that makes it the ultimate European innovation in Digital Transformation. And that, next to the fact that Hansken was also actually built to initiate digital transformation in making the research of digital data more accessible to the tactical investigator. So, we can speak of digital transformation in more than one perspective.

About the European Public Sector Award

EPSA is a Europe-wide award scheme for public sector entities at all levels of government which has been organised every two years since 2009 by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA).