Advisory report - The infrastructural design of Hansken and its requirements

Hansken is a platform that enables digital investigators and analysts to search confiscated digital equipment for forensic traces. Hansken has since been used by various other government and investigative agencies to assist them in digital forensic investigations.

In order to optimise Hansken, Capgemini was asked to draw up a recommendation concerning the infrastructural requirements, the extent to which Hansken's current products are fit for purpose, Hansken's requirements in a (private) cloud environment, the requirements of the monitoring solution and how a multi-tenancy design can be used.

To determine the infrastructure requirements, several models were created that provide insight into the (required) speed and capacity of Hadoop, Elasticsearch and Cassandra clusters. For an accurate predictive outcome, these need to be tuned to the environment.

NB: Seeing that Hansken is continuously subject to new developments, some of the recommendations have already been implemented.