Demo Hansken - the open digital forensic platform (animation)

Case investigators are dealing with a constantly growing amount of digital data. To optimize efficiency, it is important for every (non technical) investigator to be able to search and analyze the data and directly share the results with his or her colleagues. Hansken aims to organize all data in a very accessible way. The platform is designed to give access to and insight in digital data and traces originating from seized material.

Interested in a tour around Hansken? Start the demo and see how it is like to work a case.

As an investigator you’re faced with millions of digital traces. How do you find relevant evidence? Hansken can assist you with investigation.

Take the case of Joseph and Quan. They were arrested carrying a large sum of money and are suspected of money laundering and drug dealing. Among other things, two smartphones and a laptop have been seized which you want to investigate to verify their statements.

First, you load forensic copies of the devices in Hansken which automatically indexes all digital traces. You can search across all devices, or just select one. Navigate to accounts, filter, and you can confirm this is Joseph’s account.

Apparently Joseph was asked to pick up Quan at the airport. This seems important, so you tag it. Tagging helps you to organize the evidence and to work together with your colleagues on the same case.

You then search all devices for pictures that hit on airport. And look at Quan’s browser search history as well.

Under ‘timeline search’, you can check all other events, for example a phone call that happened just before or after Quan searched for ‘airport’.

Check locations on Quan’s phone. There are traces with geo locations around Schiphol.

Next to all these useful functions, you can also use smart features in Hansken based on artificial intelligence. Joseph and Quan are suspected of money laundering, so you filter on pictures with ‘money’.

And Hansken recognizes texts in pictures! It can find entities such as bitcoin addresses, credit cards and license plates: you’ve just found a lead of an unknown license plate.

Finally, you generate your report with tagged traces that can be used in court. Case closed.

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