An introduction to Hansken

Digital data and deduced digital traces play a continuously growing role in investigations and the furnishing of proof in crime cases. The volume, variety and variation of this data grow rapidly. As a result, there is a serious shortage of digital forensic knowledge and a growing need for new knowledge to handle this growth.

Hansken, the open digital forensic platform

Hansken is designed to give access to and insight in digital data and traces originating from seized and demanded material. Since 2012, the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) has been developing a prototype to provide Digital Forensics as a Service (DFaaS). In recent years, parts of this platform have been rolled out and successfully applied at the Dutch National Police and the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service, amongst others.

Hansken has proven itself in supporting over hundreds of crime cases and withstood a profound judicial review.

Digital data is becoming increasingly important for investigating suspects and as evidence in criminal cases.

With the number of new devices, apps, and channels growing rapidly, the amount of data also keeps increasing exponentially.

Investigators are challenged with quickly finding relevant information in this overwhelming amount of data.

Traditional applications typically cannot process enough data in a short period of time

And are often only accessible to digital experts.

Therefore, investigators often depend on these experts for searching through the data and finding evidence.

Digital experts, however, don’t really know the case and exactly what to look for, which causes delays in the investigation process.

Our solution? Hansken

An innovative data-analysis platform that makes massive amounts of data insightful, accessible, and searchable.

Hansken provides several advantages:

  • It is convenient for users with different backgrounds, such as digital experts, analysts, and case investigators.
  • The Hansken Academy offers courses for new and existing users to keep up with necessary skills.
  • In the Hansken Community, the Hansken users share knowledge and software and work together on future developments.
  • Organizations can build their own plug-ins and add other functions.
  • And because Hansken is an open platform, new techniques can be implemented fast.

Hansken provides trustworthy results that meet legal, forensic, and security requirements.

Hansken is a tool for and by governmental organizations in the field of law enforcement.

The growing international Hansken Community consists of law enforcement and security agencies. For example, police forces and Special Investigation Services. Other participants include the Public Prosecution Services, Forensic Institutes, and academia.

Because of this unique collaboration, Hansken leads the way in the world of digital forensic investigation.

Hansken. Investigate. Innovate. Share.

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