Hansken Advanced

Hansken is a forensic data analysis platform that is widely used for giving access to and insight in data and traces originating from seized digital material to detectives investigating ciminal cases at law enforcement agencies. This advanced Hansken course will help you understand advanced Hansken features such as the Hansken trace model, query language and visualisations using the Hansken technical interface.

The professional course for digital investigators, digital experts, analysts and intermediate Hansken users who want more

The Hansken Advanced course is designed for digital investigators, digital experts, analysts and intermediate Hansken users who want more with Hansken. This course focuses on the technical user interface (Hansken Expert UI).

What to expect from this course?

With this course you lay a solid foundation for working with Hansken as an advanced user. It covers all the skills you need to confidently do your job as a digital expert, analyst and highly advanced tactical investigator. You will learn how Hansken processes information, how to build complex queries and interpret results, use visualizations and report and export relevant material.

What does the course look like?

  • How: physical workshops
  • Duration: 2-3 days
  • Short modules (micro learnings)
  • Involves: practical exercises, your questions, and day-to-day challenges
  • Access to the Hansken training environment
  • Created by colleagues

The workshops are available within your own organization or by a course provider selected by your organization.

What do you need?

  • You have a background through education or work experience as an analyst, digital investigator, or case operator.
  • You are an experienced tactical Hansken user who wants and can do more. You have completed the online training Hansken Intermediate.
  • The course materials (you will receive this after registration).

Which skills/knowledge/functionalities will you master after the course?

  • You can write and execute more complex Hansken queries. For this you use the Hansken Trace model.
  • You know which traces Hansken supports.
  • You can customize the display of the search results lists in the Hansken technical interface and interpret the search results.
  • You know how traces get into Hansken and what the different tools do.
  • You can determine whether relevant tools or traces are still missing.
  • You can interpret traces found.
  • You can find out how a trace was created.
  • You know which visualizations you have in Hansken and how and when you use them.
  • You can extract information from Hansken in different ways.
  • You can act as a source of information for the 1st line/case investigators.
  • You can formulate concrete research questions regarding traces found for the 3rd line/experts
  • You know the possibilities of extraction plug-ins and scripting.
  • You know how to keep your knowledge up-to-date and how to expand it after the training.