Hansken Case Operator

Hansken is a forensic data analysis platform that is widely used for giving access to and insight in data and traces originating from seized digital  material to detectives investigating ciminal cases at (inter)national law enforcement agencies. This training is designed to learn learn how to functionally operate Hansken.

Who Should Attend

  • Hansken case operators.

Prerequisite For Attendance

  • Hansken advanced training (Hansken trace model and Query Language) or equal level through practical experience.

Learning objectives

  • Enable case detectives and experts to investigate data digital data and traces.
  • Make the right data available to the right users.
  • Perform quality control on data extractions in Hansken

Practical information

  • On-Demand (part 1): Learn the basics at own pace and convenience with affordable anytime, anywhere access to training from a computer and ask your questions.
  • Duration: approximately 4 hours.
  • Instructor led (part 2): in person workshop, which give students access to a skilled instructor to maximize learning through asking questions, class discussion, and networking.
  • Duration: ½ day.

Program details

  • Creating a case: make the right data available to the right users,
  • Upload: placing evidence files in Hansken and store in a Hansken-specific evidence file format (an NFI image).
  • Extraction of traces: configure, start and monitor the extraction process. Turn forensic tools on or off. If desired, repeat an extraction process (e.g. with new or different forensic tools) or supplement (e.g. with forensic tools that were previously off) the data extracted earlier.
  • Check whether the extraction went well and make the results accessible for examination.
  • Hansken architecture, error and exceptions handling: various causes of errors. Since millions of traces are often processed during an extraction process, several errors will generally occur in that process.
  • Give direction to the (further) development of Hansken and the forensic tools.