Hansken for Lawyers

Hansken is a forensic data analysis platform that is widely used for giving access to and insight in data and traces originating from seized digital material to detectives investigating ciminal cases at law enforcement agencies. This advanced Hansken course will help you understand advanced Hansken features such as the Hansken trace model, query language and visualisations using the Hansken technical interface.

Quickly find the material you are looking for in large amounts of data

The online training Hansken for Lawyers is intended for lawyers who have no or very little experience with Hansken.

What to expect from this course?

This program provides a solid foundation for working with Hansken. All the knowledge and skills required to get started with Hansken with confidence are addressed. You learn to quickly discover digital traces in large amounts of data and what to do with it.

In keywords:

  • Faster and better search in Hansken.
  • Increased search success.
  • Accurate files.
  • Efficient and goal-oriented cooperation.
  • Know what you are doing.

What does the course look like?

  • How: Online
  • Duration: approximately 5-6 hours (own pace)
  • 23 short modules (micro learnings)
  • Practical exercises and assignments with explanation/feedback
  • Access to the Hansken training environment

What do you need?

  • Access to the e-learning and the Hansken Training environment via SDU (in Dutch).  
  • Access to the Internet.
  • Basic digital skills: you can handle the computer.

Which skills/knowledge/functionalities will you master after the course?

  • You can determine where to search.
  • You can build a big picture of the seized devices and data using the Hansken homepage.
  • You can search quickly, purposefully, and carefully by using scenarios, search questions, collaboration with colleagues and/or an evidence matrix.
  • You are able to search on multiple devices at the same time.
  • You are proficient in searching with the most common searches: by text, in e-mail, images, chat, browser history and search history.
  • You are aware of the challenges of interpreting date and time, geo-location, unknown, discarded and encrypted data.
  • You know when to engage / hire a digital expert and ask the right questions.
  • You are skilled in using tags; labels, notes and adding traces to the evidence containers.
  • You can extract data from Hansken by reporting and exporting (depending on role and rights).
  • You have insight into how information enters Hansken, and which roles are involved
  • You have Hansken's tips & tricks.
  • You know how to keep up and keep your knowledge and skills up to date.