The Hansken Tactical User Interface (UI) Transition course

In Hansken, we always strive for an optimal user experience. We are dealing with users from many different backgrounds and (technical) knowledge levels, which asks for a thorough anticipation to the usability. In that light, we launched a new tactical user interface. This training is designed for  investigators that already now Hansken with the old interface and need to catch up with the new UI.

Efficiently make the step from the old to Hansken’s new tactical user interface

The online Hansken Tactical Interface Transition course is for anyone:

  • who has followed Hansken Fundamentals with the old tactical user interface, or
  • who has these basic skills from practical experience.

What to expect from this training?

In this transition training you learn to work quickly, purposefully, and carefully with the new tactical user interface Hansken.

Is this the right course for you?

  • Are you new to Hansken or is searching with text, in chat, e-mail, images, videos, browser history, viewing the search history or working with labels, notes and the evidence container a challenge? Then have a look at Hansken Fundamentals.
  • Do you use Hansken and are you already familiar with the new tactical interface Hansken, but are you no longer a new user? Then have a look at Hansken Intermediate.

What does the course look like?

  • How: Online
  • Duration: approximately 60 minutes (own pace)
  • 6 short modules (micro learnings)
  • Practical exercises and assignments with explanation/feedback
  • Created by colleagues
  • Access to the Hansken training environment

What do you need?

  • Access to the e-learning (the e-learnings are available within your own organization or by a provider selected by your organization)
  • You can use your previously obtained account for the Hansken Training Environment for this
  • Access to the Internet

Which skills/knowledge/functionalities will you master after the course?

This training focuses on the same skills you learned before in Hansken Fundamentals, but now applied to the new tactical user interface Hansken.