Hansken Community Portal

To keep pace with the rapidly growing volume of data, devices types and applications, it is vital that law enforcement agencies bundle their expertise and join forces to deepen digital forensic knowledge. 

Within the Hansken Community, every partner has their own Hansken platform on premise. By sharing our experiences and our ideas for new Hansken developments, we are able to innovate together. 

Work together in our own virtual Hansken Portal

To make facilitate this cooperation and knowledge-sharing, we have our own secure Hansken environment that is only accessible for Hansken users. In this environment, we can find eachother, Hansken users from multiple countries, ask and answer questions of other partners, share what's new in Hansken, specific documentation, etc.

For partners: visit the Hansken Community Portal here.

Are you an official Hansken partner, but you don't have an account yet? Contact Kristien Siemons at k.siemons@nfi.nl.