Hansken Community

Our goal is to maximize the sharing of digital forensic knowledge and the bundling of innovation. To make this possible, we make Hansken widely available to law enforcement agencies and science institutes, national and international.

With the Hansken Community, we are aiming for a strong collaboration between international law enforcement agencies in the field of digital forensics. Licensed organizations can contribute to the further development of the platform.

  • Starting point for the Community is that members share knowledge. The source of the supporting platform software is made available and members closely cooperate on the development of the platform and the forensic tools and libraries.
  • Members set up their own infrastructure and are fully responsible for their implementation of Hansken.
  • Members are allowed to extend their implementation with additional functionality.

In this animation video a voice-over explains what the Hansken Community is, why it is established and how it works in practice. The story is supported with colorful animations.

On a white screen the blue outlines of the elephant Hansken logo appears.

VOICE-OVER: "Crime-fighting increasingly depends on digital evidence, next to physical traces such as fingerprints, bullets and DNA material. Investigations become increasingly challenging because of the rapidly growing volume of data, devices types and applications. To keep pace with these ongoing developments it is vital that law enforcement agencies bundle their expertise and join forces to deepen digital forensic knowledge. 

But how do we do this?

Our solution? The Hansken Community. 
The Community enables partners to exchange forensic knowledge and share it on the Hansken forensic data analysis platform. The platform makes large volumes of data accessible, searchable and insightful for users of every technical level.
The international Hansken Community is for and by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and therefore a nonprofit collaboration. The community collaborates with the Public Prosecution Services and the Digital Forensic academic community. Together, the partners determine the platform’s priorities and define its future course.

How does it work? 

The Hansken Community provides an open platform where software can be developed, shared and deployed immediately. There are sub-communities where members collaborate on specific plug-ins. These are available in a shared Hansken app store and can be used directly in ongoing cases by all members.
The Community offers a Portal where users can connect and exchange information. The Portal also offers Hansken Academy materials and links to the Hansken practicing environment. These facilities provide new users with quick, effective training, and they support experienced users in keeping their digital skills up to date.
Community Days are held frequently so that members can share Hansken-related experiences and new insights in online or in-person meetings.

The larger and more active the Community gets, the more effectively and powerfully we can fight crime. Join us! Visit Hansken.org to learn more.

Investigate. Innovate. Share."

Text on screen: Want to know more? Visit hansken.org