27 September HTCIA 2022

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  • Location Atlantic City, New Jersey

This conference, for law enforcement agencies, is one of the premier high-tech investigation conferences in the world and it is focused on cyber security, solving digital crimes, and offers lectures, labs, and pre-conference training. Training is taught by "investigators for investigators".


Hansken present at the HTCIA

We will present Hansken in a non-profit booth at the conference venue Hardrock City Hotel in Atlantic City. Also, on Wednesday September 28th, at 3.00 PM, there will be a presentation about the ins and outs of Hansken (Seminole Ballroom I), plus a demo to experience how Hansken works.

Abstract of the Hansken presentation

Do you work cases containing large volumes of data? And do you want to benefit from good software and international knowledge how to handle this data? Learn more about Hansken: a platform that is specifically developed for digital forensic investigations that contain of hundreds of Terabytes of data.

Used for investigations conducted by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, concerning e.g., drugs, child abuse, domestic violence, murder, theft, fraud and more. Hansken is also used by courts of law as an e-disclosure application, enabling legal defense counsel to review digital evidence.

But Hansken is more than just a tool: Hansken members share forensic knowledge and collaborate on UI development, backend development and plugins, which are made available in a shared Hansken plugin store, and can be used directly in ongoing cases by all members.

The international Hansken Community is for and by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and is therefore a nonprofit collaboration, organized by the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) in The Hague.

Join this presentation to learn more about the how and what of Hansken. How do you use it? What are the benefits? What makes the platform a solution to what challenges? And above all: grab the opportunity to experience the way Hansken works yourself.