29 November It's time for another Hansken Hackathon!

Attention: the activity has already taken place

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  • Date
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  • Location Security Delta @HSD Campus

The Security Delta is a Lab of the University of Applied Science in Leiden and is situated at the Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104 in Den Haag.

And also, you can join the Hansken Hackathon online. More information will follow.

With Hansken, it is possible to add your own code/scripts to the extraction process of (digital) case data. For example, in the form of an extraction plugin. In this hackathon, we briefly explain how you can do this yourself, so you can start working on your own ideas. At the end, we will check the outcome and decide on the best plugin. With of course a nice prize for the winners!

Hansken Hackathon icoon

Theme: Artificial Intelligence

We have chosen hansken.ai as the theme, as a follow-up to the workshop that took place last summer on the use of artificial intelligence in Hansken. This means that we ask experienced and new developers to participate, but also AI specialists, so that the opportunity arises to bundle knowledge! When in doubt if this is relevant to you: just drop by or join online to see how extraction plugins can work for you!

Check the GitHub for a preview

Do you already want to have a look? The Extraction Plugin documentation is available at the NFI GitHub. But: good to know that reading the documentation is not required to participate in the hackathon!


The Hackathon will be divided in two days: Tuesday 29 November and Thursday 1 December. So important: not on the Wednesday in between!

Day 1 - 29 November (subject to change)
9:00 Walk-in
9:30 Welcome
9:45 Short explanation of the plugins
10:30 Pitching ideas
11:00 Break
11:30 Start up
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Getting started with your or someone else's idea
17:00 End of day 1

Day 2 - 1 December (subject to change)
9:00 Walk-in
9:30 Welcome and room for questions
9:45 Get started with your or someone else's idea
15:00 Presentation results (for those who want it)
16:00 Award ceremony
16:30 End of day 2


  • In case of physical attendance: your own laptop.
  • In case of joining online: your own development environment.


  • Minimum 16 GB RAM
  • Modern CPU
  • Docker pre-installed
  • IDE pre-installed to your own taste (Python or Java)
  • For Java applies: version 11
  • For Python applies: version 3.8

How and where

This edition we are guests at our partner University of Applied Sciences Leiden (HSL). It will be a hybrid event, so remote connection is also possible.


Would you like to register? Let us know via the Hansken contact form and we will get in touch with you.