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Forensic Institute provides Hansken viewing method for Dutch lawyers

Dutch lawyers can now view crypto communication in criminal cases from their own workplace via digital search engine Hansken. Previously, this had to be done at an external location

Computer Weekly - interview with Harm van Beek July 12th 2023
Scientific publication: 'ChatGPT as a Copilot for Investigating Digital Evidence' In this paper the rise of ChatGPT is described, followed by prospective applications in digital investigation and an overview of related work. Empirical results from three experiments are presented. Hans Henseler and Harm van Beek June 2023
Presentation 'ChatGPT: the digital sleuth for detectives?' The deployment of AI will dramatically change the forensic investigation field. ChatGPT is already accelerating the deployment of AI. In this presentation, Hans Henseler gives his insights. Hans Henseler, Professor of Digital Forensics & E-Discovery, University of Leiden Applied Sciences, and Senior Digital Forensic Scientist at the NFI. April, 2023
Article Parool about the new view-facility in Hansken (in Dutch, NB behond a paywall)  'Lawyers can now also view messages in serious crimes cases from their own workplace'  Het Parool, Paul Vugts March 20, 2023
Article Mr-online about new view-facility in Hansken (in Dutch)

'New: lawyers can view digital crypto communication from their own law firm' March 20, 2023
Article about new view-facility in Hansken for lawyers (in Dutch) 'Lawyers can now view intercepted crypto communications from the workplace' March 20, 2023
Forensic Focus - ChatGPT: A Digital Sleuth For Detectives? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a gamechanger for a safer society. Its deployment will dramatically change the forensic investigation field. ChatGPT is already accelerating the deployment of AI. This article gives a background. Forensic Focus, interview with Hans Henseler February 2023
Forensic Focus - a review of the HTCIA, the DFRWS-APAC and the DFIR Events Industry (also a podcast) A conversation between Christa, Alex and Simon about recent events across the globe. With special attention to Hansken at the DFRWS, where Harm van Beek held a keynote about Digital Forensics as a Service. Forensic Focus: Christa Miller, Alex Desmond and Simon November 2022
Article - 'Dutch PhD project aims to automate discovery and deciphering of steganography'

Focusing on detecting hidden messages on the internet. How AI is used and how it could work for to enhance Hansken.

Computer Weekly - Kim Loohuis September 30, 2022
Nieuwsuur item - 'Live monitoring of criminal networks' Nieuwsuur made an item about the role of data in criminal investigations, and interviewed the law enforcement parties that play a role in this process. The NFI and Hansken also have a part in this. Nieuwsuur September 2022
Advisory report - The infrastructural design of Hansken and its requirements This report includes a vision on the infrastructural requirements, Hansken's requirements in a (private) cloud environment, the requirements of the monitoring solution and how a multi-tenancy design can be used. Capgemini Augustus 2022
Article Police Chief Magazine: 'Digital Forensics as a Service - Not a Silver Bullet, but a Crucial Tool' (you can find the complete magazine here, article Hansken on page 56) Nowadays, how do you find a “digital smoking gun” if suspects have dozens, or sometimes even hundreds, of devices and use a similar number of social media accounts? How do you make such a large number of digital traces both easily accessible and searchable for an investigation team? Toine van Loenhout, Commissioner, Regional Criminal Investigations, East Brabant, Dutch National Police, and Harm van Beek, Scientist, Netherlands Forensic Institute July 2022

Article 'Digital forensics om scenario’s te testen' (Dutch)

Digital evidence can be seen as clear, but the forensic reality is more nuanced. It increasingly concerns probabilities. Hans Henseler, NFI and HSLeiden - in magazine AGConnect July 2022
Hansken Product Vision Hansken's positioning in the digital forensic community and a forward look to future developments Harm van Beek, NFI May 2022
Information document 'Forensic measures in Hansken'  More information about the way Hansken works (why, how, what). Harm van Beek, NFI October 2021

Article Forensic Focus - Cooperation Between Academia And Law Enforcement: Challenges And Opportunities

Following the conclusion of his series of papers about the platform and how it works, Forensic Focus spoke more with an NFI senior digital forensic scientist, Harm van Beek, about Hansken and what it is bringing to the digital forensics community. Christa Miller February 9th, 2021

How to build a search engine for criminal data

Data analysis platforms are becoming increasingly crucial in the fight against crime. This is an interview with two forensic software experts from Hansken about how they support law enforcement agencies. Giselle Defares November 26, 2020
Digital Forensic Science Strategy Digital Forensic Science sits at the heart of delivering justice in the 21st century, spanning the entire criminal justice system, from crime scene to courtroom. It shapes policy, offers a range of capabilities that better enable us to counter new and emerging threats, and is central to achieving our shared outcomes around reducing crime and increasing public safety.

Chief Constable James Vaughan (NPCC Lead for Forensics SRO), Temporary Chief Constable Nick Baker (NPCC Lead for Digital Forensics), Martyn Underhill (Police and Crime Commissioner, Dorset) 

July 2020

Privacy impact assessment in large-scale digital forensic investigations

Article on how to handle privacy risks when it comes to big data investigations, and how to use a privacy impct assessment as a tool. M. Bas Seyyar and Z.J.M.H. Geradts June 2020

Digital forensics as a service: Stepping up the game

After providing Digital Forensics as a Service (DFaaS) implementations to law enforcement agencies for close to a decade, we present our view from an inside-out perspective. We share the lessons learned from an organizational, operational and development perspective in a forensic and legal context. We conclude with our vision on how to bring the DFaaS concept to the next level for both investigative and innovative purposes. H.M.A. van Beek, J. van den Bos, A. Boztas, E.J. van Eijk, R. Schramp, M. Ugen Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation, Volume 35, 2020, 301021, ISSN 2666-2817
'Vakbijlage Hansken' (Dutch) This publication explains how an investigation takes place using Hansken, and what advantages and challenges there are. This appendix is written as a reference in a case file. Nederlands Forensisch Instituut Rijksoverheid, februari 2018

Bits en bytes toegankelijk voor tactiek (Dutch)

Article in Police magazine 'Blauw' about data analysis platform Hansken.

Editorial 'Blauw' April 30th, 2016

Digital forensics as a service: Game on

In this paper we explore the impact of forensic drivers and major design principles like security, privacy and transparency on the design and implementation of a centralized digital forensics service. H.M.A. van Beek, E.J. van Eijk, R.B. van Baar, M. Ugen, J.N.C. Bodde, A.J. Siemelink Digital Investigation, Volume 15, 2015, Pages 20-38, ISSN 1742-2876

Digital Forensics as a Service: A game changer

How is it that digital investigators are always busy and still never have enough time to actually dig deep into digital evidence? In this paper we will explore the current implementation of the digital forensic process and analyze factors that impact the efficiency of this process.  R.B. van Baar, H.M.A. van Beek, E.J. van Eijk Digital Investigation, Volume 11, Supplement 1, 2014, Pages S54-S62, ISSN 1742-2876
Engineering an online computer forensic service XIRAF is a second-generation forensic analysis system developed at the Netherlands Forensic Institute. XIRAF automates the collection of millions of forensic artefacts and organizes these artefacts such that they can be searched in effective ways through a web interface. This paper describes the design of version 1.2 of XIRAF and describes the lessons we learned from implementing and deploying it. R.A.F. Bhoedjang, A.R. van Ballegooij, H.M.A. van Beek, J.C. van Schie, F.W. Dillema, R.B. van Baar, F.A. Ouwendijk, M. Streppel Digital Investigation, Volume 9, Issue 2, 2012, Pages 96-108, ISSN 1742-2876
'XIRAF - XML based indexing and querying for digital forenscis' This paper introduces XIRAF, an XML-based approach towards managing and querying forensic traces extracted from digital evidence. Nederlands Forensisch Instituut Digital Investigation, Volume 3, Supplement, 2006, Pages 50-58, ISSN 1742-2876

Relevant links and references

Title Synopsis Writer(s) Date and extra information
Hansken - website NFI More information abiut Hansken, on the website of the Dutch Forensic Institute (in Dutch) Nederlands Forensisch Instituut

Hansken: kennis delen, samen sterker!

This is an article about Hansken in the magazine of the Dutch Forensic Institute (in Dutch) Nederlands Forensisch Instituut 22 juni 2020