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Hansken Newsletter October 2022

Welcome to the second Hansken Newsletter. This newsletter focuses on the development of major developments for the platform such as the new Hansken user interface, and the creation of other important Hansken facilities, like new training material and a Hansken SDK.

10 years Hansken!

But this is also a festive edition! While we celebrate ten years since we started building Hansken in September 2012. We are looking back at an interesting development path and looking forward to more innovations in the coming years. Via our newsletters we will share this with you.

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New and improved Hansken interface from early 2023

At this moment, we are implementing a new Hansken user interface. By replacing the current interface by a new version we create more possibilities for implementing new functionality and offer our users an up-to-date user experience. The new tactical interface we have chosen was built for and by BZK (HUIB). This interface is inspired by commonly-used (commercial) tools, based on the user experience of forensic professionals from around the world. The aim of the interface is optimal efficiency in data examination.

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Screenshot HUIB
Image: ©Hansken / Hansken

A new SDK (software development kit) for adding Hansken plugins

Our extraction plugin software development kit (SDK) is now available for Hansken Community partners. The SDK is a powerful tool for creating extraction plugins that support new digital formats and finding and analyzing new types of traces. Partners can create extensions to support their own investigations and, by sharing and re-using plugins, we can jointly boost Hansken development. All SDK files and documentation are now available and developers can create their first plugin with a short learning curve.

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Launch CASE 1.0.0

Hansken is an active contributor to CASE, the Cyber-investigation Analysis Standard Expression. CASE provides a common language for international cooperation between investigative services and digital-forensic examiners. Currently, forensic tools often use varying terms for the same thing (such as ‘mail’, ‘email’, ‘e-mail’ and ‘email message’).

To effectively combat criminal behaviour, it is important for forensic digital tools to start using one and the same cyber language for recording and exchanging forensic data. We are therefore glad to confirm the recent launch of the first stable version, CASE 1.0.0.

We are exploring the use of CASE within Hansken in, for example, developing tools for importing or exporting traces in CASE format. This is typically where Hansken, law enforcement partners and academic partners can work together.

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Hansken-CASE project

‘Train-the-trainer’ for Hansken for advanced users

On 7 September, the Hansken Academy organized a one-day ‘train-the-trainer’ session for the Hansken Advanced Training course. This is the most advanced course, aimed at experienced users who have already completed the Hansken Fundamentals course and the Hansken Intermediate course. The Hansken Academy developed the course materials based on workshops held in 2021. 

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Hansken Academy

Capgemini advisory report: ‘Program upscaling and chain implementation Hansken’

Since our first deployment in 2012, many government and investigative agencies have implemented Hansken. At the same time, average cases are becoming more complex, with more devices. Which makes that there is more data to be extracted and there are more trace types to be analyzed. The Hansken platform therefore needs to be prepared for more cases, more data and improved processing capacity.

In view of these increased demands, we asked Capgemini experts to investigate how Hansken could be optimally set up at a technical level and what the infrastructural requirements are for a scalable and futureproof application landscape.

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Logo Hansken horizontaal

Hansken.AI: the results of the first session and what’s next

‘Hansken.AI. For anyone who wants to shape the future of AI in Hansken.' Using this slogan, we invited our law enforcement and academia partners to participate in the first Hansken.AI workshop. The first edition was initiated on 30 June by the Forensics Big Data Analysis department of the Netherlands Forensic Institute. It turned out to be a successful initiative, brimming with enthusiasm and great ideas.

With the advent of vector search and extraction plugins in Hansken, we are entering a world of new AI possibilities, highlighting the relevance of making targeted choices for further development.

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Push, Pull, Protect - Hansken Community

Publications around and about Hansken

Item in ‘Nieuwsuur’ – examining data from crypto phones

No one is as familiar with cases involving crypto phones and digital data as Ennetcom and Encrochat. Fascinating and successful investigations of cases in various European countries. In this item, Nieuwsuur aims to visualize and explain the process necessary for closing such cases. After reception of the phones and the encryption of the data, Hansken helps analyse the data and prepare it to serve as evidence in court.

Police Chief Magazine: ‘Digital Forensics as a Service ‘ Not a Silver Bullet, but a Crucial Tool’

An article about the way the Dutch National Police works with Hansken. About the backgrounds, succes and challenges. With Toine van Loenhout, commissioner, regional criminal investigations, East Brabant, Dutch National Police, and Harm van Beek, Scientist, Netherlands Forensic Institute. 

Superscience: digital forensics for testing scenarios

Digital evidence may be seen as hard and clear to the uninitiated, but the forensic reality is trickier. You have to be careful with data in criminal investigations, says forensic expert and lecturer Hans Henseler. “It's more and more about probabilities.” (article in Dutch)

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Events organized or attended by Hansken:


September 6-8

i-LEAD Industry & Research Days 2022 – The Hague, the Netherlands

September 27-30 HTCIA 2022 (High Technology Crime Investigation Association) – Atlantic City, New Jersey USA
September 28-30 DFRWS APAC 2022, Adelaide, Australia
September 28-30 Conference BKA, Berlin, Germany


October 11-12 Hansken.io Community Meeting in The Hague, the Netherlands (for Community invitees only!)
October 28 LEAF Analysis 2022 - Warsaw, Poland
November 8-9 DEX-XL – Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands (new location!)
December 13 Hansken Community webinar (online)
December 12-15

Conference (German Fiscal Investigation Service) - Brühl, Germany

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