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Hansken Newsletter March 2023

Welcome to the Hansken Newsletter - dedicated to the latest developments, news, and events around Hansken, the open digital forensic platform.

Hansken's developments are happening at incredible speeds. Processing insights from recent case investigations, novel formats and UI modifications are all being considered. At the same time, we continue to expand our network of new collaborations. In this newsletter, we have compiled the most recent news information to offer you a good overview.

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Launch of a new Hansken facility: lawyers can view digital traces from their own workplace

Together with the police and the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service, the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) has developed a method that enables lawyers to view crypto communications from their own offices, like for example the Encrochat data. This is accomplished by using Hansken, a digital forensic search engine. Martijn Egberts, the national public prosecutor for digital detection, states: “This new approach is a world first. It enables lawyers to use a professional search engine to view digital evidence from their own workplace.” The initial response from the legal profession is very positive.

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Introducing Hansken still animatie

Introduction new tactical user interface in February 2023

In February, we introduced a new tactical user interface in Hansken. By replacing the current interface, we create more possibilities for implementing new functionality and offer our users an up-to-date user experience. With this introduction, we started a period of testing by comparing cases that are accessible in both the current and new interface. In this first phase, we use the insights and experiences to improve the interface and bring it more in line with user requirements.

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Screenshot tactical UI Hansken

Take a 2-minute tour to experience the new Hansken User Interface yourself!

The new Hansken tactical user interface has undergone considerable development. It has become an interface that will make the investigative process more accessible to the tactical investigator. Do you want to know how this works? Then take this 2-minute tour through Hansken to see what it's like to investigate a case using digital traces!

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Joseph and Quan - animation demo

Hansken expands international profile

Hansken is working hard to grow its network in a meaningful way. The Hansken Community is expanding on both the law enforcement and scientific fronts, increasing its development power. The Netherlands Public Prosecution Service recognizes Hansken's value in the criminal justice system, which is why the relationship has been extended. And the Hansken Community is also growing internationally. 

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World map Hansken with logo

Handle new formats by developing plugins with the Hansken SDK

Our partners are constantly being confronted with new requirements in terms of data formats, information requests and algorithms to apply. It is essential to be able to implement new functionality within short lead times, as investigations are continuously evolving. The Hansken software development kit (SDK) is a powerful tool for developing extraction plugins that can handle new digital formats as well as detect and analyze new types of traces. And it also serves as a good starting point for new Hansken partners, to get to know the platform.

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Hansken collaboration

NFI and UAS Leiden join forces on new Digital Forensics Master’s programme

Ennetcom, Encrochat, Sky ECC and Exclu: these are just four examples of encrypted communication services used by criminals. These days, every type of crime has a digital component. So, it’s no surprise that there is an increasing need of digital forensic investigators. In February, the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) and the University of Applied Sciences Leiden (UAS Leiden) signed an agreement that will intensify cooperation on forensic training and reinforce professional practice in the world of forensic investigation. A milestone in the development of digital forensic knowledge.

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Tekenmoment HSLeiden en NFI Hansken

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